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April 26-29th, 2023

Besançon - FRANCE

The resolution of inflammation:
opportunities for innovative therapeutics ?




18:00–20:00, Arrival and Registration

Victor Hugo room

18:00–20:00, Poster Setup 
19:00–22:00, Opening poster Session
19:30–22:00, Buffet


Frères Lumière room

08:00–09:00, Welcome and Keynote Address

Charles Serhan Harvard Medical School, USA

"Human Leukocytes biosynthesize novel Resolvins that link Resolution of Inflammation, Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing”







09:00–13:00, Biological and cellular mechanisms of resolution I

Chairs: Amiram Ariel & Ariella Glasner

Jesmond Dalli Queen Mary University of London, UK

"Insights into the biology of specialized pro-resolving mediators and their receptors in phagocytes"

Selected TALK (selected from abstracts)

- Bruce D. Levy, Harvard Med School, USA: Resolvin D2 Regulates Eosinophil Phenotype and Function During Allergic Lung Inflammation

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Gaelle Merheb, LVTS, FR: DHA, RvD1, RvD5, and/or MaR1 reduce human arteries contractions induced by PGE2
- Hildur Arnardottir, Karolinska U, SWE: Resolvin D3 attenuates angiotensin-II-induced valve thickening and dysfunction in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice and promotes macrophage reprogramming

Amiram Ariel, Haifa U, ISR: Future activities in the field of Resolution of Inflammation

Coffee break (Victor Hugo room)

Detlef Schuppan Institute of Translational Immunology, Mainz, DE

"Targeted therapies to resolve liver fibrosis and NASH"

Sanja Arandjelovic U of Virginia, USA

“Efferocytosis machinery proteins in inflammatory arthritis”

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Javier Perez Hernandez, Cochin Institute, FR: Altered lipid mediator profile in type 1 diabetes : defective resolution of inflammation in pancreatic islets ?
- Purbasha Bhattacharya, CSIR Institute, IND: Efferocyte-derived extracellular vesicles promote inflammation resolution
- Szondy Zsuzsanna, Debrecen U, HUN: Involvement of efferocytosis in the regulation of M2-like reparative macrophage formation during regenerative inflammation

13:00 lunch & Visits of the City or of City's Citadelle


Victor Hugo room

13:00–22:00, Poster Viewing

Frères Lumière room

16:30–20:00, Clinical implication of resolution impairment

Chairs: Sylvaine You & Andreas Weigert

Adriano G Rossi University of Edinburgh, UK

“Novel pharmacological strategies to enhance granulocyte apoptosis and efferocytosis to promote inflammation resolution”

Catherine Godson University College Dublin, IE

"Dubloxins attenuate inflammation and fibrosis"

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Oliver Werz, Friedrich Schiller U, DEU: Glucocorticoids regulate pro-resolving lipid mediator biosynthesis via antipodal modulation of 15-lipoxygenase isoforms affecting inflammation resolution
- Toru Miyazaki, AIM Medecine Institute, JPN: Facilitation of disease repair through phagocytic removal of different inflammatory elements by AIM/CD5L


Break & Refreshments (Victor Hugo room)

Gabrielle Fredman Albany Medical College, USA

"Inflammation-resolution in atherosclerosis and aging"

Markus Hoffmann Universität zu Lübeck, DE

"Mesenchymal cell control of inflammatory tissue priming"

Elizabeth Redente National Jewish Health, USA

"Reducing Fibroblast Persistence in Pulmonary Fibrosis as a Mechanism of Resolution"

Victor Hugo room

20:00, Social Hours to "meet the speaker" & Buffet

20:00–22:00, Second Poster Session


Frères Lumière room

09:00–13:00, Biological and cellular mechanisms of resolution II

Chairs: Janos Filep & Claudia Jakubzick

David Lagares Harvard Medical School, USA

“Fibrosis Resolution: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities”


Oliver Soehnlein University of Münster, DE

"Neutrophils in chronic inflammation – from physiology to intervention"


SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Blandine Baffert, RIGHT institute, FR: Targeting macrophages to resolve fibrosis in a bleomycin-induced model
- Salma Rizo Téllez, Research Center, CA-QC: An interferon-B-FPR2/ALX-centered axis promotes the resolution of pulmonary inflammation


Coffee break (Victor Hugo room)

Claudia Jakubzick Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, NH

"The Role of moDCs and Interstitial Macrophages in the Lung"

Andreas Weigert Institute of Biochemistry I Goethe-University Frankfurt, DE

Interfering with apoptotic cell-derived signals in cancer”

Selected TALK (selected from abstracts)

Thomas E. Van Dyke (The Forsyth Institute, USA): Applied Resolution Pharmacology in Periodontal Disease Treatment and Periodontal Regeneration

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Mirza S. Baig, IITI, IND: The dynamic role of toll-interleukin 1 receptor (TIR) domain-containing adaptor protein (TIRAP) in the progression of inflammatory response
- Roi Gazit, Ben-Gurion U, ISR: Hematopoietic Stem Cells suffer from Chronic Salmonella Infection -- and may Recover 

13:00 lunch & Visits of the City or of City's Citadelle

Frères Lumière room

16:30–20:00, Resolution pharmacology

Chairs: Sylvain Perruche & Susanne Behlke

Shuang Liang U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

"Efferocytosis in Fatty Liver and NASH"

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Ariella Glasner, TIIT, ISR: Conserved transcriptional connectivity of regulatory T cells in the tumor microenvironment informs novel combination cancer therapy strategies
- Dipak Panigrahy, Harvard Med School, USA: Pro-resolving lipid mediators prevent cancer cachexia

Dror Mevorach The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IS

"Clearance of apoptotic cells in cancer: Resolution of inflammation or macrophage reprogramming?"


Break & Refreshments (Victor Hugo room)

Vanessa Gauttier OSE Immunotherapeutics, FR

"Anti-ChemR23 agonist pro-Resolutive mAbs"

SHORT TALKS (selected from abstracts)

- Nofar Ben Jashar, Haifa U, ISR: The BiST of Burden: Harnessing biased STING agonists to enhance the resolution of inflammation and limit tissue fibrosis
- Sylvain Perruche, MED'INN'PHARMA, FR: Therapeutic potential of the secretome of resolution phase macrophages

Mauro Perretti Queen Mary University of London, UK

"Resolution Pharmacology: a new way to control chronic diseases"

Victor Hugo room

20:00–23:00, Gala Diner                                   



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