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April 4-6th, 2018

Besançon - FRANCE



16:00–20:00              Lobby                                     Arrival and Registration



19:30–21:00             Victor Hugo room                  Welcome dinner


07:00–08:00            Breakfast room                Breakfast


08:00–09:00            Frères Lumière room        Welcome and Keynote Address

Sylvain Perruche, INSERM UMR1098, EFS BFC U of BFC, FR


Dror Mevorach, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, ISR

Resolution of inflammation by macrophages and dendritic cells

09:00–12:00            Frères Lumière room        Mechanisms of efferocytosis

CHAIRMAN: Philippe Saas, INSERM UMR1098, EFS BFC, U of BFC, FR


Sanja Arandjelovic, Center for Cell Clearance, University of Virginia, USA

Apoptotic cell engulfment machinery in arthritis

Toby Lawrence, INSERM U1104, Marseille, FR

NF-kappaB signalling in the resolution of inflammation and immune homeostasis


Luis E Muñoz, U of Erlangen, DE

The immunological meaning of necrosis


Coffee Break


Philippe Saas, INSERM UMR1098, EFS BFC, U of BFC, FR

Modulation of immune responses by apoptotic cell infusion


Short Talks:

Philippe Frachet, Institut de Biologie Structurale, U of Grenoble, FR

Soluble calreticulin released from apoptotic cells modulates the macrophage polarization

Adam Ceroi, VIB-UGent Inflammation Research Center, BE

Extracellular vesicles, engulfment, and airway inflammation

David Masson, LNC UMR1231, U of BFC, Dijon, FR

Impact of Liver X receptors on efferocytosis: New targets and additional mechanisms

On own for lunch



11:30–13:00             Victor Hugo room           Poster Setup

13:00–22:00             Victor Hugo room           Poster Viewing


16:30–17:00             Frères Lumière room     Coffee Available


17:00–20:00             Frères Lumière room     Pro-resolutive factors in Resolution

CHAIRMAN: Charles N. Serhan


Charles N. Serhan, Harvard Medical School, USA

Resolvins and Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators in Inflammation and Infection


Dipak Panigrahy, William Harvey Research Institute - Queen Mary U of London, UK

Resolvins suppress tumor growth and enhance cancer therapy


Derek Gilroy, Centre for Clinical Pharmacology, U College London, UK

Impact of age on pro-resolution pathways in humans


Wanjun Chen, Mucosal Immunology section, NIDCR, NIH, USA

Apoptotic cell-mediated immunoregulation: the roles of TGF-beta and Tregs 

Short Talks:
Daniela Fussbroich, University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, DE

A specific combined long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation exhibits pro-resolving effects and restores disease-altered fatty acid profiles in asthmatic mice

Aparna Mahajan, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, DE

Prolonged eye closure induced inflammation resolved by proteolytically active NETs in eyerheum

Valérie Urbach, INSERM U1151, U Paris Descartes, Paris, FR

Resolvin D1 normalizes epithelial ion transport and resolution of inflammation in cystic fibrosis airways



            20:00            Victor Hugo room        Social Hours with Dinner

20:00–22:00            Victor Hugo room        Poster Session

* chairman

Friday, April 6

07:00–08:00             Breakfast room                  Breakfast



08:00–12:00            Frères Lumière room        Cell subsets in Resolution

CHAIRMAN: David Masson


Adriano Rossi, Center for Inflammation Research, Queen's Medical Research Institute, U of Edinburgh, UK

Therapeutic Strategies to Enhance the Resolution of Inflammation to Promote Tissue Repair and Regeneration


Héléna Paidassi, Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie, U de Lyon, FR

Sensing your way out of trouble : what shapes dendritic cells into critical gatekeepers of immune homeostasis

Amiram Ariel, Faculty of Natural Sciences, U of Haifa, ISR

IFN-β, a novel effector in resolving inflammation


Coffee Break


Véronique Witko-Sarsat, U1016, Institut Cochin, Paris, FR

Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen in neutrophils: a potential target to modulate inflammation

Short Talks:

Darja Andreev, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, DE

Eosinophils induce resolution of inflammatory arthritis and protection against bone loss

Alban Gaultier, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA

Sigma-1 Receptor controls IRE1 activity to inhibit Endoplasmic Reticulum driven inflammation

Markus H Hoffmann, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, DE

Neutrophil- but not eosinophil-derived aggregated extracellular traps resolve inflammation by proteolysis of cytokines and chemokines


On own for lunch


13:00–2300         Victor Hugo room         Poster Viewing

16:30–17:00            Frères Lumière room         Coffee available

 17:00–20:00           Frères Lumière room         Resolution-inspired therapeutic approaches

CHAIRMAN Dror Mevorach

Hendrik Ankersmit, Division of Thoracic Surgery, Medical U of Vienna / Aposcience AG, AT

Apoptotic PBMC secretome as therapeutic Agent: from science to regulatory to clinical trial

José Cohen, Unité mixte de recherche S955, U of Paris Est Créteil, FR

TNFR2: The new Treg switch

Sylvain Perruche, INSERM UMR1098, EFS BFC, U of BFC, FR

Efferocytosis factors as a therapeutic biological drug to terminate inflammation

Daniele Noel, Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies, INSERM, U of Montpellier, FR

Mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritis: lessons from clinical trials and perspectives towards an acellular therapy

Short Talks:

Sylvaine You, Institut Cochin, Paris, FR

Resetting self-tolerance in autoimmune diabetes by pro-resolving mediators derived from apoptotic cell efferocytosis

Dror Mevorach, Hadassah-Hebrew, U Medical Center, Jerusalem, ISR

Cell therapy using apoptotic cells


Charlène Trilleaud, University of Nantes, Nantes, FR

Triggering the resolution pathway with an agonistic anti-ChemR23 antibody ameliorates recovery in preclinical colitis models

 20:00–23:00           Victor Hugo room            Gala Dinner

Saturday, April 7

10:00                      Departure

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