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December, 2023
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are pleased to announce that the next edition of the Resolution Days 4th meeting will be held in Frankfurt, Germany next April 2025.


The scientific program will focus 3 major topics from the biological and cellular mechanisms of resolution, how resolution is impaired and quantified in clinic, and how could we use the best of such process to develop innovative therapeutic approaches. Through these topics, we will try to better understand the link between resolution and fibrosis, senescence and ageing.


Special emphasis will be given to young researchers who will have the opportunity to discuss their work through abstracts that will be selected for posters or for oral presentations. In addition, we have reserved ample time for social activities to better interact. 


We encourage you to participate actively during the 4th Resolution Days by submitting your abstract and we are looking forward to welcoming you back in Frankfurt to be part of this unique event.



On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee

Organizing and local committee
Andreas Weigert, Germany
Susanne Behlke, France
Sylvain Perruche, France
Sylvain PERRUCHE 2.jpg
Sponsored by
Insitute of Biochemistry I

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