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May, 2024
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are excited to announce that the next edition of the Resolution Days meeting series will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, next April 8-10th 2025.

The scientific program will focus on emerging concepts, to associate or harness inflammation resolution to tissue regeneration, metabolism, against senescence and aging, as well as for proper immune function (generation of tolerance vs anti-cancer immunity).

Each of these topics will be introduced by a dedicated lecture, to opening the discussion with all participants, and addressed through specific talks given by international experts, covering basic sciences to clinical evaluation and development.

Special emphasis will be given to young researchers who will have the opportunity to discuss their work through abstracts that will be selected for poster or for oral presentations. In addition, we will reserve time for social and networking activities. 


Therefore, we invite and encourage all Resolutionists, to actively participate to the next Resolution Days meeting by submitting your work through an abstract and are looking forward to welcoming you back, in Frankfurt for this 4th edition, and be part of this unique event.



On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee

Organizing and Scientific committee
Andreas Weigert, Germany
Manuela Diehl, Germany
Susanne Behlke, France
Sylvain Perruche, France
Sylvain PERRUCHE 2.jpg
Sponsored by
Graduate school 2336 "Resolution of Inflammation"

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